Stop hiding and tell your story, with pictures. 
Unleash your inner illustrator

...and learn to draw figures that you and your audience will fall in love with.

I teach illustration to people who think they can't draw. 

Illustration made easy

  • Step-by-step online drawing class for people who say they can't draw. 

Dream - Draw - Do

  • Draw a map of your beautiful visions, and create a life you love 

Lill Universe Drawing Club

  • Access to all courses,
  • 2- monthly live calls with new topics
  • Feedback for your drawings,
  • Technical and design help for your projects.

About me

This was the first drawing that I did on October 4, 2017. The "About me" section had always been the most scary part. I never knew what I should write about me, it always came out wrong. That's why "About me" was the first thing that I tackled on my new website. Drawing the different versions of myself was so much easier than writing. The clumsiness of the drawings allows me to express my insecurities AND my grandiose fantasies. Oh. About me? I am born in 1961 in Germany, moved a bit around...

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