The unfair advantage for your business!  



Drawing for Social Media

for coaches, consultants and creatives

  Live classes on Tuesdays 8PM CET - November 23 - Dec 14  

A fun and effective way to become visible - without video

<--- Get more views on social media! I have posted my drawings on Linkedin for a year, and get quite some views. And also clients! 

  • Communicate with personality and humor

  • Ditch boring stock images and make your social media posts and newsletters and stand out from your competition

  • Visualize strategies and solutions for your clients - and for your own business

  • Sketch on a whiteboard for teaching and presentations with confidence

  • Infuse more fun into all your business activities!

  • Activate your right brain (aka your creative genius)

  • Impress your clients and colleagues with your drawing skills

Psychological research demonstrates that sketching is one of the best ways to clarify our own ideas and communicate them to others.


Scared of being visible?

For years I didn't dare to use drawings, in spite of being a professional designer. I thought I wasn't good enough. 

And I was scared to death to show my work (and myself) on social media. 

It all changed when I discovered graphic facilitation, and saw that drawing could be easy.  It has changed my way of working, my business and, frankly – my life.

I use drawing in 1:1 coaching sessions, to illustrate my website, and to stand out on social media. 

And the best thing is: I can teach you how to do it, too. 

What students are saying

 I have always dreamed of being able to illustrate a little bit - for my blog and for little everyday stories. But I drew worse than a kindergarten child and my attempts quickly ended in frustration. And then Lill's illustrations course came along. Drawing was suddenly really fun and my pictures became much better.

Lill´s feedback on the drawings was worth its weight in gold. So if you say you can't draw but would love to, this course is definitely for you.

Su Busson, coach


Thanks a lot for your course, I think you rock mixing serious marketing tactics with drawing! I will apply what I learned in my business. It gave me the confidence to express myself with drawing.

Nico Brier, Web designer




I want to do some laid back, informal, type sketches on my PowerPoints and presentations. And some infographics. I deliver training on data.  So, that’s why I thought this could be a good idea, rather than using boring, stock images from the internet (as the topic can be a bit dry). 

The course lessons are simple. I love them! It was about time I have some fun and learn something new. 

Maria Penn

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How can I use this in my business?

Here is an example: Explain your process to your clients with a simple drawing.

What does your framework look like? A pyramid? Spiral? Or a Flywheel?

But – what if I don't have talent?

 You don't need talent. You need the right instructions.

Many drawing tutorials are too complicated.  I deliberately kept the lessons very short and concise. And I share tips and tricks that make your drawings look good, although they might be less-than-perfect. 

I'm too stressed. I have so much to do! 

Drawing is not only useful, it is also fun! Here is what Helle Langaard says about the live sessions: 

Absolutely love the Tuesday drawing sessions. Ingrid Lill is a professional illustrator. Tonights theme was "going crazy" with bright colors for half an hour. Certainly got my mind on something else, - I feel refreshed....

I can watch free drawing tutorials on Youtube! 

"Visual Thinking for Business" is more than a drawing class. I share my insights on visual storytelling, design, branding, and business building. 

But that said – if you find an artist you like, you can absolutely can learn from YouTube videos! With or without my class. But here is what a participant said:

"After going through your class I look at other cartoons or comics with new eyes. I can see all the tricks they are using, and I can copy what I like"

How it works

When you enroll, you get immediately access to a 

Basic drawing self-study course 

1. Learn basic drawing in 3 hours or less! Self study drawing course with five modules. You'll be up and running with your pencil in no time! 

2. For further learning: Access to my huge webinar library of webinars:

  • Digital drawing
  • Drawing as a tool for coaches
  • Illustration for social media
  • Find and use your colour palette
  • Basic perspective

And the best: You can request topics that are relevant for your business! 


Get feedback on your drawings: Half a year of monthly (or more) live sessions 

You can bring your drawings for feedback, get my help with visualising your content and get my input how to use them in your business design & strategy. 

Live sessions are on Tuesdays, 8 PM Copenhagen time. 

The 5 weeks live round - "drawing for social media" starts on November 23th
  • Find content ideas that are relevant for your business 

  • how to make drawings work on social media so you get more views 

  • technical stuff (like how to turn drawings easily into a Linkedin-Slideshow)

  • Feedback on your drawing and posts.


Business-Storyboarding Course

Value: 425$

  • Find your message and get clear about your business communication

  • In five video lessons I walk you through the process how I help business owners get clear about their message and brand.

  • Includes templates and worksheets. 

Kurs hintergrund

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“I took Ingrid’s drawing class because I have always loved to draw but I had very little confidence. Ingrid taught me many tips and tricks that made my drawings that were once flat now pop off the page!  I love Ingrid’s quirky style and I learned that sometimes it is best to not try to draw to perfection. Ingrid taught me to embrace my own style. She is encouraging and built up my confidence!  I would love to take another drawing class with her!

Malika Kelly 



 Absolutely love the Tuesday evenings with Ingrid Lill. She is a professional illustrator. Tonights theme were "going crazy" with bright colors for half an hour. Certainly got my mind on something else, - I feel refreshed....

Helle Langgard, Coach

Thank you for the wonderful drawing class. I wanted to learn to draw my own illustrations for my workshops and presentations. Your step-by-step process was an eye opener and gave me a big confidence boost. Incredible that it is possible to make so much progress in only a few hours!

Rikke Moos, Copywriter

I highly recommend Ingrid's classes! This course is loaded with step by step instructions, helpful templates, tips and tricks. Best of all, you can get direct feedback on your drawings and websites, and also learn how to digitalize. The classroom is a great learning environment.

As an added bonus, Ingrid has a knack for building a rich community!

Michala Storm, coach



The drawing session was the most fun I've had in months (motorcycle riding excluded.) If you had told me an hour earlier that I could draw a reasonable fish or a clam, let alone a rudimentary shark I would not have believed it. (The octopus…I will work on!) 

Greg Tutunjian, Agile Pattern Strategist 



Tusind tak for en sjov, intens og udbytterig kursus, der bragte mig mange skridt videre. Jeg fik alle mine illustrations udfordringer håndteret og jeg fik lært nye færdigheder – f.x. hvordan jeg kan arbejde videre med dem på Ipad og pc. J

Sanina Kürstein, Chefkonsulent


Elisabeth Triebel, Formfalt

An dieser Stelle mal ein grosses Lob an den Zeichenkurs von Ingrid. Es macht einfach richtig Spaß, man kann sein eigenes Tempo bestimmen, erhält Tipps u Tricks und hat nie das Gefühl überfordert zu sein. Dass alles in Englisch abläuft ist auch gar kein Problem. Da Ingrid viele kleine Clips einfügt u gut verständliche Texte schreibt versteht man so gut wie alles. Dieser Kurs bringt mich wirklich dazu jeden Tag ein bisschen zu zeichnen. Und das mit Lust und ohne Zwang.
Man merkt ich bin richtig begeistert 😀 deswegen von mir 5 Sterne u Daumen hoch!!!

rotstrich copy.png
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Why learn from me?

Hi, I'm Ingrid Lill. Communication designer and professional illustrator. I am German, live in Denmark, and  I speak English in my classes. Very simple English! You can ask questions in German or Danish, no problem.  I'll translate. 

I have drawn all my life.  But it was first after I started doing graphic facilitation  for organisations that I embraced the "fast and fun" illustration style that I'm teaching in this course. I share all the most useful tricks that I have learned over the years.

Drawing has transformed my business. It helped me stand out and escape being a generalist graphic designer. Now my business is not only more fun, but also more lucrative. 

No matter if you are a total beginner, or you you just want to pick up the pencil (again) and learn a few tricks – I promise you that this class will be useful and a lot of fun!

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